ITECA (Zhuji) Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

ITECA has more than 60 years of technical research and development and application performance, and its product line covers automated laboratories in the cement industry, online free calcium, online carbon and sulfur, online decomposition rate, online particle size analyzer (Marlvern particle size analyzer sampler is a global designated supplier. business), high-temperature gas analyzers, various types of sample retention testing devices, thermal crushers, kiln seals, etc. Its customers include Lafarge, Italcementa, Holcim, Cemex, Cimpor, Ashgrove, Heidelberg and many other industry giants.
In 2017, ITECA officially opened up the Chinese market, and successively completed dozens of automated laboratory projects, online free calcium, carbon and sulfur testing projects with domestic design institutes and end users at home and abroad. Cooperative customers include Southern Cement, Southwest Cement, Yaobai Cement, BBMG Cement, etc.
In 2021, in order to further deepen and develop domestic business, in 2021, ITECA China (Yiteke (Zhuji) Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.) was officially established in Zhuji, Zhejiang. As the only authorized production, sales and R&D business entity of ITECA in France. At present, ITECA China relies on the concept of smart factory integration, integrating R&D, production, commissioning, operation and maintenance, and is committed to better providing Chinese customers with local all-round localized services. At the same time, ITECA China will further expand the comprehensive application of quality data in the entire platform, docking and automatic batching through the integration of data and AI algorithms according to the domestic market demand, and further expand and localize research and development including automatic maintenance, molding, ETDA chemical Complementary program for automated laboratory testing. At present, it has offices and branches in Hangzhou and Tianjin.